As the capital of Japan for over one thousand years until 1868, Kyoto had been creating its original culture of grace. Kyoto ware (Kyo-yaki, Kiyomizu-yaki) is the ceramic ware with gorgeous, delicate and highly polished sensibility.
This is one of the finest Japanese traditional crafts. Today’s Kyoto ware is now produced by advanced masters skills and modern sensibility, keeping the spirits of the tradition represented by such as Ninsei and Kenzan.

About Rakuchu-Rakugai Gallery

Please pay a visit to our gallery when you come to Kyoto.

Located in Kiyomizu-yaki danchi, Kyoto, Rakuchu-Rakugai is a Kyoto ware (Kyoto ware, Kiyomizu ware) retail shop and gallery.
The main concept of gallery is inspired the city "Kyoto", just as our gallery's name.
All products exhibited in our gallery are made by craftsmen and potters who is basing in Kyoto or had deep connection with Kyoto. Cultivated by Japanese tradition, we keen to introduce our city culture to the world through our daily work.
You can also purchase tableware such as cups, plates, bowls, liquor ware, and tea sets; as well as other interior items such as incense burner, vase, and ceramic panels in our gallery.
On the second floor of gallery, we exhibit the Japanese national treasure Rakuchu-Rakugai Screen (Uesugi version), which is duplicated by ceramic panels.

Gallery Information

Tax-free Shop
Kyoto Yamashina-ku Kawata okanonishi-cho 1-4
*parking available (4 units)
Opening hours
Weekdays/ 10:00~18:00
(Sunday, National holiday, Bon festival, New year holiday/ 10:00~17:00)
We are closed on 1/1
JR/Keihan/Subway, get off at "Yamashina station"
Keihan Bus No. 29 (bound for Oyake), get off at "Kiyomizuyaki Danchi station"

From Shijo Kawaramachi
Keihan Bus No. 88 (bound for Keihan Rokujizo ), get off at "Kiyomizuyaki Danchi station"
Keihan Bus No. 83・84 (bound for Daigo Bus Terminal), get off at "Kawata station"
Keihan Bus No. 85 (bound for Oyake), get off at "Kawata station"
Keihan Bus No. 87 (bound for Rokujizo), get off at "Kawata station"
Keihan Bus No. 82C (bound for Oyake), get off at "Kamikazankubo-cho station"
Keihan Bus No. 86 (bound for Daigo Bus Terminal), get off at "Kamikazankubo-cho station"

From Sanjo Keihan
Keihan bus No. 17 (bound for Oyake), get off at "Kawata station"

From Daigoji
Keihan bus No. 29A (bound for Yamashina station), get off at "Kawata station"


We started to arrange exhibition about seasonal and annual events, as well as project exhibition of famous craftsman and potters.

Table Coordination

For example, this kind of arrangement.
Gallery Rakuchi-Rakugai can offer various table coordination to create atmosphere for your meals.

Rakuchu-Rakugai Uesugi version is made by 48 Kyoto ware panels. Through Kyoto ware painting skills, the Japanese National treasure is duplicated with its life-size in ceramic work.
(size: length 160cm, width 352cm)

The World of Rakuchu-Rakugai

(Japanese version)

Online Shopping Available

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